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Dr. Coffee is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist working with Parenting Groups, Classes, Individual and Family Therapy

Dr. Coffee is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist working with – Individual Therapy – Couples Therapy – Family Therapy – Group Therapy

Common themes of low motivation and grief


Motivation plays an enormous role in our lives and the directions we take in them. It’s the process of creating, guiding, and maintaining goals and it’s vital to our development.

grief and loss

For some, grieving can be a dark journey. Seeking help, can provide support for your pain and guidance towards the acceptance of loss.


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The popularity of tele-mental health has skyrocketed and has now become increasingly preferential to in-person doctor’s appointments. 


Group therapy reduces social isolation, increases a sense of not being alone, offers opportunity to be supported and to offer support to others.

Parenting Therapy and COPA: Co-Parenting Training and Therapy

Marriage is a uniquely human experience. Coupling and producing offspring is not.